この人に興味がある! FAB PEOPLE! 神の力を持つ縫製メーカー/Sewing manufacture called God Power!



I would love to introduce you to a small independent sewing company based in Fukuoka Japan. Good part of “ les filles de Marie Antoinette” pieces are produced here as well. Eijiro Shinriki is the president of Shinriki-Hosei, closely working with his mother. It is a funny coincidence that his grand grand father started their business in Yahata in 1925, where our company, Roji, is located at. Eijiro is the 5th generation owner and the company was finally located at current address in Fukuoka in 1974.




Eijiro naturally learned it’s craft by doing part time job for his grand father who was the owner of the company at that time. So he practically grew up in this environment. He studied engineering in high school and university, then worked as an engineer for developing semiconductor. He always had the idea in his mind that he eventually wanted to craft something of his own. Finally destiny took it’s own turn to re-start the sewing company, that was in recess for 3 years, with him mother. They literally started with one sewing machine.


生産に対する思いは強く常にMade in Japanをこころざされています。その理由はどんどん縫製過程が日本以外に流出していって、もう日本では服は作ることが出来なくなるのではないかという危機感があったそうです。資源の無い日本に出来る事は物を作れることだと常に考えています。その為に最近はすべての工程が日本国内で出来ていなければならないJ Qualityを取得するのも一つの過程であったそうです。


Eijiro often thinks about the importance of “ Made in Japan”. Because he is greatly concerned about how great deal of productions were moved to overseas that Japan will not be able to produce garments domestically in near future. He feels that what Japan can offer to the world is the capacity to produce products with high quality as Japan does not own natural resources. Recently the company was granted “J quality” , which is given exclusively to companies that entire process of production is done in Japan.




When I visited Shinriki-Sewing, I was aware of how young employees are. Eijiro explained to me that the base of the company is 30s. He feels that he is investing his energy to give the chance to younger generation. His mentality of work environment is more of enjoy working in group instead of creating the line of production. He strives for the capacity to produce anything his clients desire instead of it’s speed of production, high performance in different way. He believes that company strength relies on it’s flexibility and capacity to switch quickly.





I finally asked him about what is most important to him. He reflected for a while then finally replied, “I always feel that I was given the opportunity to work with our employees and I hope that they feel the same towards me as well. Important thing is the mutual respect we have for each other while working together.”

Today, I have focused on new type of small production company in Japan. It is our hope to maintain good craftsmanship in this country.