7月12日火曜日と13日水曜日に京都市内のラネージュギャラリーからの招待にてエクスポジションをおこなわせていただきました。今回のイベントは袴着ファミリーが1年間京都に滞在した際に伏見区車町の龍馬通りにて制作した作品の数々をフランスへ戻る前に展示したものです。つまりCONCEPTUALIZED IN KYOTOです。


We were invited by Gallery La Neige in Kyoto-city to hold exposition in July 12th and 13th 2016. This exposition was to mark our one year residence in Fushimi, Kyoto and to present to the world what we are able to create in machi-ya on Ryoma street. In other word.

There were many aritists, gallery owners, art directors, news reporters, and above all our precious friends were at 2 day exposition. It was so well received that gallery owner, Yuki Yomo, and I have decided to continue our collaboration further and will plan an interesting event in this coming September 17th and 18th. So please look forward to our new endeavor and enjoy our continuing presence in Kyoto.

京都新聞の記事 7月13日付/Kyoto shinbun on July 13th 2016.

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